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Aciqra is a free and open source virtual planetarium and sky mapping program for simulating objects in the sky. It is intended for users who regularly view the sky through a telescope or binoculars, whether visually or with a camera, and need software to help them decide what to view and when.

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  • Main Features:
    • Tycho-2 and Hipparcos star catalogs w/ 2.5 million stars
    • Full NGC and IC catalogs w/ 13000 deep space objects
    • Semi-realistic rendering of comets
    • Interface designed for efficiency
    • Correction for atmospheric refraction
    • Night vision mode -- turns display red for use at night
    • Correction for nutation and precession
    • Calculate proper motions for stars
    • Selecting objects to show details
    • Constellation boundaries
    • Save current view as an image
    • Angle indicator (simulates views from an eyepiece)
    • Comets and asteroids tracking
    • Earth's umbra and penumbra for lunar eclipse simulations
    • New release finder and downloader
    • Search for objects to quickly locate objects of interest

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