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Conduit - Open Source Sync Tool

If you’re using GNOME, Conduit is an open source app that allows the user to synchronize information to and from various destinations. This is an open source file synchronization tool synchronizes files, photos, emails, contacts, etc to another computer or device.

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  • Conduit works by having a collection of data providers and data conversions. Data providers can represent all sorts of resources, such as an MP3 player attached to a computer, a website, or a program residing on a computer. They have data types, such as image, contact, or note, and are also defined to be either a source, a sink, or both. When the user tries to connect a source data provider and a sink data provider, Conduit will try to allow this connection using the conversions it has available to it. Conduit uses a number of fundamental data types so that a conversion only has to be created once, and can be reused for any data providers that use that data type.

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