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Ekiga – Open Source VoIP Service

Open Source VoIP Client for Windows & Linux

Ekiga is an open-source VoIP service that is compatible with Windows and Linux. Ekiga allows you to make voice and video phone calls and to send text messages to cell phones. It also enables standard telephony features like call holding, call forwarding and dial tone.

Ekiga supports a common VoIP protocol called session interface protocol and offers you a free SIP address during registration. You can configure multiple SIP addresses through the client and use those addresses simultaneously. Ekiga does not support encryption.

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  • Ekiga is a software phone and video conferencing application. It allows you to hear and see your friends for free using your computer and Internet. You can also chat with them and see if they are online or not. It has many other features. It works on GNU/Linux and Windows.

    Technical features:
    • Call forwarding on busy, no answer, always
    • Call transfer
    • Call hold
    • DTMF support
    • Basic instant messaging
    • Text chat
    • Register with several registrars and gatekeepers simultaneously
    • Ability to use an outbound proxy or a gateway
    • Message waiting indications
    • Audio and video
    • STUN support
    • LDAP support
    • Audio codec algorithms: iLBC, GSM 06.10, MS-GSM, G.711 A-law, G.711 µ-law, G.726, G.721, Speex, G.722, CELT
    • Video codec algorithms: H.261, H.263+, H.264, Theora, MPEG-4

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    Technical features:

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