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Glom - Open Source Database Creation Software

Glom is an advanced database system and user interface designer with lots of high-level features. Its advantages include its simplicity and nearly no programming requirements. Loosely based on FileMaker Pro, it has a separate database server and while its framework is simple, it's enough to use most database applications. Glom can run these systems without so much repetitive code. Using only a simple subset of the PostgreSQL database backend, it can only edit databases that has created through Glom.

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  • Glom is very easy to use as long as you understand some basic concepts outlined in the documentation. Users prefer it to Microsoft Access and Filemaker, in part because of its powerful relational back-end. It has a user-friendly graphical interface and can run on Windows and other platforms. With Glom, you can create database interfaces with considerably more ease than with other programs since they are not created separately.

    Simple to install and configure, Glom is ideal for small businesses and academics or professionals who need a graphical interface that's simple but serves basic needs. It lays out fields very well and lets the user group fields together and order them. Its many features include related fields and records, drop-down menus, lookups, relationships, searching, reports, groups and users. Field types include Numeric, Date, Time, Text, Boolean and Image. Like PowerBuilder, Glom's strengths lie in its simplicity and ease of use.

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