*ast VL 60

*ast VL 60

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*ast VL 60

astTECS Voice Logger – 60 concurrent calls

*ast VL 60 facilitates Voice logging or voice recording of 60 concurrent calls i.e. the process of recording audio in a business situation. Organizations like Call Center & BPO termed this process as "agent monitoring" or "call logging". Voice logger is a digital multi-channel voice logging, call monitoring and call recording equipment.

*ast VL 60 Voice Logger allows businesses to keep records, improve customer service quality, increase security, decrease errors, policy compliance, government regulations, connection resolution, process evaluation, data mining and training.

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  • Voice Logger Benefits

    Whether you are in Sales & Telemarketing, Collections, or Customer Support in any vertical, this Voice Logger will help you store and track important correspondence for training as well quality assessment.
    • Record all calls- Automatically record all conversations and keep a track of inbound and outbound interactions between agents and customers for quality assurance with our no-bar recording.
    • Search capability- Ease of searching through voice records without endless maze of menus and buttons. Associate records with specific voice logs (E-mail history, chat history, etc) to enhance efficiency in operations.
    • Data Security- Access to supervisors, managers, administrators or other qualified users only with strong security features to ensure data security for the voice logs and records.
    • Multiple format support-The voice logs in MP3 format or GSM format.
    • Ease of reporting and viewing- Access voice logs online and create comprehensive reports. Easily manage centralized or distributed agent workforce, and related voice records efficiently from any corner of the world.
    • Unified interface- Quick links (record, replay, forward, etc) allow you to perform routine functions with a single click.

    Voice Logger Applications

    • Supervising employees.
    • Using recorded examples of good calls for training purposes.
    • Quickly evaluating new and non-standard situations, so the whole team can be ready for similar situations in future.
    • Keeping initial records of transactions and services provided.
    • Evaluating customer reactions to IVR loops.
    • Help Desks.
    • Supervising staff.
    • Compiling details of common user difficulties.
    • Resolving disputes of what information has been provided.
    • Replaying descriptions of particularly complex issues.
    • Forwarding complex calls to the most appropriate person without having the customer repeat information.

    Voice Logger In Sales:

    • Replaying calls to improve sales technique
    • Listening to real-life examples of sales best practice

    Voice Logger in Management:

    • Focusing on the situation at hand by eliminating note- taking
    • Replaying unclear calls for clarity

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