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HydraIRC - Open Source IRC Client

Hydra has a remarkably long list of features including DCC support, file transfers, dockable floating and autohide windows and an event viewer. Audible notifications can be set to the user's individual needs. Hydra can connect to as many servers on as many different networks as you wish and is able to maintain multiple user identities. Users can also bookmark channels, change color schemes and create their own themes.

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  • Features:

    • Written in C++ using modern tools (Visual Studio 7)
    • Uses WTL/ATL for a Super fast, streamlined and efficient program!
    • Uses XML for all config files, very minimal registry usage
    • Dockable tabbed auto-hidable windows tabbed MDI client area.
    • Nice looking, intuitive GUI, no skinnable ugly rubbish.
    • Supports connecting to an unlimited number of servers
    • Reliable server/network reconnects
    • Supports private messages and Query windows
    • Nick Completion (in Server, Channel, DCC and Query windows!)
    • User identities (username, nick list, etc) can be assigned on a per-server/per-network basis
    • Audio Mute function!
    • Command profiles (a bunch of commands that are given to be run one after the other)
    • Auto-Connect on startup list lets you connect to multiple servers on startup
    • Auto Join Command profiles can be attached to channels on a per-network basis.
    • User list icons denoting ops/voice, etc.
    • Supports all known text style codes (colors, italics, bold, underline, etc)
    • Toggleable channel userlists with additional dockable user list that shows the current channel's users

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